PUNK (慢性疲勞)
Film Brief. The fashion film 'PUNK' is inspired by the chaotic emotions of the 60's and 70's punk bands. To express repressed emotions, filmmaker Wooje captured disordered movements and maximized the details. Designer Jie-Euen Choi and Jaye Jaiyeon Lee created the silver mask and the glitter leather jacket, respectively.
Director Wooje Kim
Wardrobe Designer & Stylist Jie-Euen Choi /Jaye Jaiyeon Lee Make-up & Hair Artist Nok Kyong An
Production Se young Lee, InKyung Choi 
Director of Photography John Shim / Yeon Wook Jeong Gaffer Taeyoung Kim 
Model Rory B (Boss Models, NY) Photographer Erika Hokanson Motion Juwan Lim
Music collapsedone
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