Les Nabis Clinic 
Les Nabis Clinic Official Trailer2015)
Directed & Written by Wooje
Margaux's mysterious life-changing experience at Les Nabis Clinic. What happened?
"In the palm of your hand, my word and my thoughts."
SYNOPSIS Margaux, a rather shy and unconfident woman in her late twenties, is jaded by life. She is headed 
somewhere with a card in her hand. It reads, “find your lost self.” She arrives in front of a door with a strange title 
that says Les Nabis Clinic. As Margaux steps inside this otherworldly clinic, she is greeted by a doctor that oddly 
resembles Salvador Dalí along with a few nurses, all who seem to be in their own worlds. A nurse escorts her to assigned room, passing by several other rooms where patients are being treated— some wearing medical equip-
ment on their heads and others with gags in their mouths. Nothing seems normal at this clinic. The doctor enters 
and under his direction, the treatment of Margaux starts to unfold.
Work in Progress

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